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Silverware Brands

Silverware Brands

Silver is a precious metal that has been used over the years to create all kinds of objects, jewelry, decorative pieces, and especially kitchen utensils. Its whitish-gray color and its ability to reflect light intensely, make this material transform any decorated space into an elegant place. Being a soft material, it is susceptible to scratches, however, most of the more common brands of silverware provide their customers with silver care tips and also with special products for the maintenance of utensils.

Over the years, many companies have successfully established themselves in the world of creating utensils made from this material. Whether they are, silver-plated or made of sterling silver, both options provide a shiny, luxurious, and elegant finish.

Continue reading and learn more about the oldest brands in the silverware market and the extra products that they provide:

List of Silverware Brands

Robbe & Berking

The company was founded in 1874, and since then they have offered excellent service to their customers. Offering quality products and providing trust in its customers for decades. They mainly specialize in one of the most precious materials when making kitchen utensils: silver. This material has a peculiarity: it reflects light more than any other metal.

Besides, at Robbe & Berking they provide maintenance services so that your silverware looks new when you need it, and they also offer care products such as soft polishing cloths or silver care foam.

Their slogan, which has been passed from generation to generation through the Berking family, is: “Others may make it cheaper but none may be better”.

Some of the most famous Robbe & Berking collections include 12", Arcade, Dante, Alt-Chippendale, and Eclipse. The advantage is that you can buy the utensils separately so that you can assemble the set you need according to your taste. Other collections such as The Box comprise sets of 24 cutlery in different designs to choose from.

All collections are made of 925 sterling silver, or you can also choose 150g massive silver-plated as a material, which is a bit more affordable.


This is one of the oldest companies to work in the silver world. Since 1810, they have been dedicated to producing the best silverware; using quality materials and traditional workmanship that makes it stand out from its competitors. These German manufacturers claim to know beauty beyond function, so in their products, you will find not only utility but also exquisiteness.

In WILKENS, they offer silver and silver-plated cutlery, with historic patterns, classic designs, or vintage styles, so you can choose depending on your taste or the event you are celebrating.

The sterling silver utensils are made of 925/1000 silver, and the remaining material is copper, which gives it resistance and hardness. WILKENS utensils can be washed in the dishwasher, using a mild detergent.

Let’s know some of their most famous sets:

  • Alt Englisch Cutlery Set: A dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon, and coffee spoon. It could be the perfect gift for a friend, or yourself to add to your collection.
  • Augsburger Faden Cutlery Set: Four pieces with a neo-classical design and an engraved handle. It was designed in 1850 and is still popular.
  • Chippendale Cutlery Set: Thomas Chippendale designed it in 1910. This set has four utensils for daily usage.

Arthur Price

The company has been working for generations since Arthur Price founded it over 10 years ago. Price began working for another flatware company until he got enough experience to start his own business in Birmingham. The company was the first in elaborate cutlery using chromium plate, and now they work with stainless steel and silver plate too.

Now they sell many different varieties of cutlery sets and other articles for the home, especially for the table. Besides, they provide their silver care products, such as polishing mitts, silver foam, and silver cloth.

Each one of their silverware models can be purchased individually or in sets of 24, 44, 58, 60, 84, and many more, so you can adapt your set depending on your needs. They also come in a box that you can use to store them and keep them away from moisture and dust. Almost all the sets have a full-time warranty.

Some of the most wanted silverware from Arthur Price is the Baguette Silverware set, the Grecian Silverware set, and the Chester Silverware Set. All these sets will improve your home dining experience.

Robert Welch

The designer Robert Welch, who always had a passion for mixing functionality and elegance in his designs, founded the company in 1955 after he graduated. He also had an ambition for innovation, which is why the company pioneered the use of stainless steel cutlery in the United Kingdom.

In his team, Welch had other designers, prototype makers, and craftsmen, who worked with him to create together designs and items that would continue to be valid and wanted throughout the years. Nowadays they create cutlery with different materials, including silver, without losing their essence and passion for beautiful and functional products.

Their most popular silverware set is called Radford Silver Plated Cutlery Place Setting. It includes 7 pieces: a table knife, a table fork, a soup spoon, a side knife, a side fork, a dessertspoon, and an English teaspoon. All the pieces are made of silver, except for the knife blades, which are made of hardened stainless steel. Clients also have the option of buying the utensils individually, which is good if they need to replace a piece.

Carrs Silver

The company was founded by Ron Carr in 1976, England. Since then, the company has been determined to produce the best designs, keeping traditions for generations to come. In Carrs Silver, they manufacture collections for all the tastes and styles, from the classic to the modern, the customer will find the product they need.

Although it started as a silverware brand, now it also offers other products, such as photo frames, and everything for barware and tableware, made of the best sterling silver. On their website, they also provide a gift section, where you can find the most elegant and luxury items from their collection, perfect for different occasions like Christmas or a wedding.

All the silverware designs are available in sets of 16, 24, or 32 pieces.

The best-selling silverware sets from Carrs Silver are the Vision, Bead, Dubarry, English Reed & Ribbon, and Grecian. All these sets have been handcrafted in Sheffield and the knife blade is made of stainless steel. The utensils are dishwasher safe, but the recommendation is to wash them by hand with a mild detergent.

Legacy Silverware

Two brothers, Albert and Joseph Yates, created the company in 1898. Through the years, the company has committed to offering handcrafted cutlery, using the best and finest materials. Traditionally they worked with silver, but they also have a collection of stainless steel cutlery. The company offers the option of personalized silverware, to make it the perfect gift for any occasion.

The silver-plated collection is made using a 20-micron coating of silver, and the sterling silver cutlery is made using 925 sterling silver, all of the items made in Sheffield.

The most popular sets are the Albany Cutlery Set, the Albert Cutlery Set, the Panel Reed Cutlery Set, and the Chester Hallmarked Cutlery Set. All the sets can be purchased either silver plated or made of sterling silver, and they offer the option of getting the utensils individually, in any case, that the client needs to replace a piece.

Other popular brands that design and produce silverware are Goerg Jensen; which has been working for more than 100 years producing aesthetic designs, and Reed and Barton; a company founded in 1824 by Henry G. Reed and Charles E. Barton, which focuses on the production of silver utensils and giftware.

As mentioned above, silver is a precious metal, and all these brands have been offering quality products for years. Taking the correct care of your silver cutlery will allow you to enjoy them for a long time, without having to constantly resort to silver baths or polishing processes.

Besides, most of the renowned silverware manufacturers in the world offer their range of silverware-care products, so you can take care of those precious utensils from home. Silver utensils are an elegant element that will make your table stand out and that your guests will be pleased to share and taste the food at a table with the best silverware on the market.

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