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Kitchen Utensil List: 35 Essential Items

Kitchen Utensil List: 35 Essential Items

The gastronomic world is considered one of the pleasures of life. Tasting and eating is a wonderful experience, in the same way, the preparation of food dishes is an art. It requires knowledge, a lot of practice, and good taste. However, some elements are essential for every chef and they are kitchen utensils.

In this list, we are going to show you some of the tools that cannot be missing in a kitchen. From equipment  for cutting, cooking, frying, to different types of cutlery, and even those tools that you did not know. Let's start!



Whether we are diner or cooks, knives are essential utensils in the kitchen. Eating is a pleasure, and so is cooking! So we have to give more importance to those we use in the cooking process.

The knives we buy must meet certain requirements for us to get the full benefit of them. When buying a new knife we must pay attention to the material of the blade and the handle, and the assembly between these pieces, its correct use, and if it feels comfortable and safe when cooking.

Without a doubt, a good knife will make the path to a good meal easier. Let's know the main knives that should not be missing in your kitchen.


Kitchen Knife

Unlike a table knife, a kitchen knife is one that is used in the preparation of food, cutting meat, peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables, or even cleaning food. When cooking, you look for ease and precision. That is why this type of knives must always be sharp, to ensure that the cuts are precise and that they are evident in the prepared dishes.


Chef Knife

Although its original use involved only slicing beef, over time it has become such a useful tool that it can even be called the "can do it all" knife. A favorite by cooks and a must-have in your kitchen, this roughly eight-inch knife can get you out of any trouble if it is all you have.


Paring Knife

Considered the baby of the house (as it only measures up to 4 inches long), this knife is so versatile that you will want to always have it on hand in your kitchen. Slicing, mincing, peeling, hulling, and segmenting are some functions of this pointed knife.


Sharpening Steel

If you want to keep your knives always neat and sharp, a sharpening steel is ideal and easy to use. This tool is simply a rod of a material harder than the edge of your knife. It is not a secret that with use the knives lose their edge, making it difficult to perform their function. With a sharpening steel and the right technique, you can bring the edge of your knife back.


One of the necessary utensils that we muust have when cooking are pots. You probably think that you can get by with just one pot, but the truth is that they come in different sizes to use them depending on what we are going to cook. There are also different materials, including ceramic, aluminum, glass, and stainless steel.

You may prefer to buy the complete set, or buy only the basic ones. Just make sure that the material is of quality and it will be one of the best investments you make.


Stock Pot

These types of pots are ideal for cooking large amounts of food, for example, stews and soups. This is due to its large size. Common pots are usually large and deep, with a flat bottom. Their size allows food to stay well submerged, cooking moderately without the risk of burning.



Although from its name it might seem that it is a pan, it is not. Remembering that the main characteristic of a pot is its depth, a saucepan is a pot. It usually has either two small handles or a single elongated one. Its size and shape are perfect for cooking liquids, especially sauces.


Pressure Cooker

These types of pots are essential in the kitchen. They usually come in different sizes but are mostly large. They are useful for cooking meats, vegetables, and beans quickly. The lid of this pot seals hermetically, which allows the heat inside the pot to be maintained for a long time, having a safety valve to release the steam eventually. Without a doubt, a pot that any cook has in the kitchen.



Like pots, pans are very useful when preparing delicious meals. Although only one can be enough in the kitchen (for frying and sautéing mainly), several different types are depending on the use.

Some are for frying, cooking eggs, omelets, and much more! These are very useful for making fast meals because their base is usually very thin.


Frying Pan

Also called skillets, these pans are characterized by having slightly sloping edges. They are usually light, keep the heat for a long time, and are mainly used for frying and sautéing food.


Sauté Pan

This is very similar to a frying pan; the only difference is that instead of having sloping sides, it has straight sides, which makes it slightly larger. However, the use is practically the same, frying and sautéing. The advantage of this pan is that the contents are unlikely to spill over the edges.



Originally used in Asian culture, it is increasingly common to find them in western kitchens. It is a wide pan with a very rounded base, with a very long handle, used for sautéing, frying, stewing, and much more.


Grill Pan

If you like grilled foods, a grill pan is an excellent option, especially if you do not have the opportunity to cook outdoors. It is flat and usually large and can come in different shapes. The best ones are those of cast iron, although there are a variety of materials.



Bowls are typically used to eat single-serving meals. They can be used to eat soup, pasta, rice, cereals, and even some food served in layers. There are also larger ones for mixing ingredients.

A cultural fact is that these types of dishes are very important in Japanese culture. They exist in different sizes, designs, and materials, the most common being wood, glass, ceramic, and lacquer.


Soup Bowls

These bowls are mainly for eating soup; however, you can also give it multiple uses. A good choice of material could be porcelain or melamine since you can even use it in the microwave.


Salad Bowls

A salad bowl is usually large to comfortably and properly mix the vegetables in it. They come in different shapes and materials, and this is very important when it comes to buying them. Depending on whether you need something sophisticated or simple, you can choose between porcelain and wood respectively.


Rice Bowls

From Asia to the rest of the world, these bowls are becoming more and more popular. They are small bowls of a maximum of 13 cm in diameter, used for eating rice. They come in different materials and colors, from traditional Japanese prints to solid colors.

Ladles & Spoons

When we are already in the process of serving and tasting food, spoons and ladles play an important role. They are used both in restaurant kitchens and at home, and they come in different sizes, styles, and materials.

The most common materials are stainless steel, ceramic, and wood. Although people tend to use only one for several tasks, there are spoons for soups, sugar, beverages, grapefruit, and much more!



If you use a stockpot, you will probably need a ladle. This utensil has a long handle that will allow you to reach the bottom of deep pots, and at the end, it has a usually large bowl. Without a doubt, with a ladle, you will be able to serve stews and soups more comfortably and cleanly.



Spoons go hand in hand with knives and forks, as we use them daily to eat. However, these have an additional advantage, and that is why we also use them as a unit of measurement. There are different materials and sizes, being the most common the tablespoons and teaspoons.


Slotted Spoons

These types of spoons are similar in size to a ladle, but their use is different, as they have holes in the bowl. These holes can be of any shape and size, and their function is to let pass the liquids of the preparation we are making, leaving the largest solid ingredients on the bowl, to be served or extracted from the pot.



When we say spatula, what comes to your mind? Maybe a flat tool with a handle. In general, this is how we could describe it; however, different types are depending on the utility attributed to it.

We can divide them into three categories: flippers, spreaders, and scrapers. Let's learn more about its usefulness and suitable materials, so that you can choose the ideal one for your kitchen.



Also known as a turner, this utensil is as common as it is useful. It is a tool with an elongated handle that ends in the shape of a trapezoid. Some have elongated slots at the base; others are made of solid material. You can find them made of different materials depending on the use that you are going to give it. For example, metal ones are excellent for turning meats on the grills, whereas plastic ones are preferable for turning omelets and pancakes since they do not damage the pans.



This type of spatula is shaped like an "L" with the base longer than the handle. Both parts are thin and end rounded. It is a utensil widely used by pastry chefs since it mainly serves to spread soft mixtures, specifically on cakes or bread. You can find them mainly made of metal, but there are also plastic ones.



This kitchen implement that you can find in a variety of materials (and colors!) mainly rubber and silicone, works incredibly to "scrape" surfaces. Its base with a rounded corner allows you to remove easily the contents of rounded bowls and pots, so you do not waste anything! However, be careful, as the rubber does not resist heat.

Mugs and Cups

Mugs and cups. Are they similar in many ways? Yes. Are they the same? No. Let's understand why. We can find them both made of the same materials (porcelain, ceramic, glass, and even stainless steel).

Besides, we usually give them the same use: drink liquids (coffee, milk, chocolate, tea). However, the only thing they differ is in size (and consequently, appearance). The cups are usually small, with a maximum capacity of 6 ounces, with a rounded base, and we tend to visualize them with a handle and a saucer.

On the other hand, the mugs have a greater capacity (being the travel ones the largest); they have a flat base and can do without a handle. In the end, what counts is what you like and the experience you want when having your drinks.


Coffee Mugs

Surely, you have more than one of these at home. Since we can find them in an infinity of colors and designs, it makes them very attractive to have as a collection. They are mainly made of ceramic, which keeps the heat very well, but you can also find them made of glass. Although its original use is to drink coffee, the truth is that there are no limits; you can also use it to drink chocolate or tea.


Espresso Cup

If you like to drink a small amount of coffee, these cups are ideal for you. Due to their size and style, they are also ideal for serving guests, since their capacity is around three ounces and they usually come together with saucers in a set, which makes them ideal for sharing a special moment after meals.


Travel Mugs

If you are one of those who prefer to have coffee while commuting, you should get a travel mug. Although they come in different sizes, they are usually larger than a traditional mug. There are many advantages to acquiring a travel mug, among them, that they have a lid that seals hermetically and allows the heat (or cold) to remain for longer, and at the same time, we avoid spilling liquids in the car.


Daily usage

Simple, comfortable, and inexpensive. Despite not being too fancy, they are essential in the kitchen. We use them at all meals to drink juices, soft drinks, or just water, and since they are so used, they should be easily replaceable (yes, the risk of breaking is high). However, this does not have to be a tragedy! Depending on the style, you can have different sizes and styles, no matter if they do not match.


Red Wine Glass

Drink wine is always related to good experiences, and the glass that we use is also an important part. It has a big bowl that lets you taste and enjoy the aromas of the wine. Different types are depending on the red wine (pinot noir, Bordeaux, rose).


White wine glass

These are similar to the red wine glasses, but the bowl is smaller. There are also different types according to the wine, such as Chardonnay, Sweet Wine, and Vintage.


As important as the food itself is the plate where it is served. There is the right dish for every occasion so that the experience of tasting what is prepared is the best and most comfortable.

There are different sizes of each style, which you would have to choose according to your needs. You can find them in a wide variety of materials, including, ceramics, glass, melamine, and more.


Dinner Plate

We use these every day, not only at dinner but also at lunch (and sometimes, at breakfast). Its standard measurement is approximately 12 inches in diameter, which makes it ideal for serving main meals.


Dessert Plate

These plates tend to be smaller than the dinner plates, about 7 inches in diameter. Its use is very varied, but as its name suggests, it is ideal for serving desserts. You can also use them to serve snacks at parties.


Soup Plate

Despite being also used to eat soups and other liquids, they are a little different from soup bowls, since a soup bowl has a shorter height. Besides, these tend to be used on special and formal occasions.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a big issue when it comes to cooking utensils. This is because when buying one, we must choose the material and size properly, depending on what we are going to use it for.

The most common ones are made of wood since it is a fairly gentle material with the edge of your knives. However, they must be greased regularly to keep them in good condition.

On the other hand, there are granite or glass ones, which despite having spectacular designs, will make your knives lose their edge easily, reducing their lifetime.


Carving Boards

These boards are special because they have a groove near the edge, which allows collecting juices or liquids from food. Either to be used later (such as vegetables and fruit juice) or to prevent these from spilling all over your kitchen.



The breadboards are used especially to cut bread. They are particularly elongated so that you can cut any loaf on it. Besides being very useful, you will find that they also look great as a table decoration.


Butcher Block

These boards have greater dimensions than the common boards for chopping vegetables or fruit, especially their thickness (hence its name "block"). With one of these, you can cut and debone the meat easily and cleanly.


Other Kitchen Utensils


Rolling Pins

If you like to make cookies and bread, a rolling pin will be the best of your allies. They are used mainly to stretch the dough. We can find them with or without a handle, and the most common material is wood. Yes, you may not use it every day, but it will make the task of kneading and stretching much easier.


Cake Lifter

Despite being a simple tool, it comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Use it to cut and lift pieces of cake cleanly and elegantly.


Pasta Tongs

This utensil is ideal to serve the portion of pasta directly on a plate. There are different styles, but in general, it consists of two tongs joined by a handle, which allows opening and closing to grab food.

As you have seen, there are countless kitchen utensils, each with its utility. Not only to cook, but also to taste the delicious dishes you prepare. We always recommend that when you must choose a kitchen utensil, you have their quality as a priority.

Even if we have a tight budget, it is better to save and buy a good kitchen tool that can last for a long time and that fulfills its specific function. This will define the complete experience of working in the kitchen!

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