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How To Decorate A Breakfast Table

How To Decorate A Breakfast Table

Maybe not every day we have special guests for breakfast, however, it is important to be ready for any occasion. You will need plates, bowls, flatware, napkins, and much more. You need to decide how many people you can have and will have at your table, the menu and if you want something casual or formal.

In this article, you will learn about how to set and decorate a basic breakfast table. We will give you tips to transform it into a more formal style.

We will also show you our favorite tableware utensils that you can get here on Artydome. Continue reading and learn much more about the decoration of the table:

Setting a basic breakfast table

If you are preparing a delicious breakfast for friends, partners from work, or for your family and you want to make something different; here we will give you what you need to know. A well-decorated breakfast table will not only look nice and cozy; it will also help to enhance the flavors of your food.

Let’s take a look at the utensils that you will need and how to arrange them on the table:

First, you need to place the plates that you will use. You can use a dinner plate if you are serving pancakes or toast. This plate should be in front of the chair. If you are also serving cereal, yogurt, or something that requires a bowl, it should be on the dinner plate. Remember to place only the utensils that you and your guests will need.

Plates & Bowls

Now that you have your plates, let’s set the flatware. We have a rule that will make it easier for you to remember where each utensil goes. The fork goes on the left. The word fork has the same number of letters as "left". On the other hand, the words knife and spoon have five letters, as the word "right". That is why we know that those utensils go on the right hand of the plate.

An alternative to placing the utensils in the traditional form is to place the flatware in a basket in the middle of the table. It will give a more casual look to the table and your guests will feel free to take just what they need.

Our favorite plates and bowls: Euclid Plate Collection, Pearl Plate, Einar Dinner Plate, Marble Bowl, Onyx Bowl, and Pearl Bowl.

Flatware Sets

Now it is time to think; what drinks will you offer to your guests? For hot beverages like tea, chocolate, or coffee use mugs, and cold drinks such as water or juice using juice glasses. The best thing you can do is to have both to offer and ask your guests what they prefer. This way you avoid placing too many things on the table that will not be used.

You can directly serve them the drink on the mug or glass, or provide pitchers of the beverages so your guests can help themselves.

Our favorite flatware sets: Milano Luxury Flatware Set, Ercole Flatware Set, Greece Luxury Flatware Set, and Picassa Flatware Set.

Mugs & Glasses

Finally, the napkin. On casual occasions, you can use paper or cloth napkins. Just place it under the fork, on the plate, or in a napkin holder.

Our favorite mugs and glasses: Mugado Mug, Gilded Mug, Normandie Mug, Gabriel Mug, Class Glass, and Frost Glass.

Napkins & Rings

Additional: Use a placemat. Put one in front of each chair and place the plate, flatware, and glassware on it.

Our favorite’s napkins and rings: Fariat Napkins, Kaiholo Napkins, Taia Napkins, Halia Napkin Rings, and Hadar Napkin Rings.


That is all you need to decorate properly your table for a breakfast. Do not worry if not all your dishes match. Just present them nicely and they will look great and charm. In the end, you will have a beautiful table, ready to enjoy breakfast.

Our favorite placemats: Mikkel Placemat Set, Ohangio Placemat Set, Mundial Placemat Set, and Pitus Placemat Set.

Transform your basic table into a more formal one

If you want to make your table look more formal, here we have some tips that you can follow, after knowing how to set a basic table.

  • Use a tablecloth instead of using placemats. Tablecloths provide a more traditional and formal look to the table.
  • If you are serving cereal or yogurt, use small bowls, not the deep soup bowls. They will provide a more delicate look and will be easier to use.
  • Remember that the soup spoon is used only for cereal or yogurt. On the other hand, teaspoons are used for stirring hot beverages.
  • When setting the table, the juice glass goes above the knife and spoons.
  • If you are serving hot drinks such as coffee or tea, use a cup and a saucer instead of a mug.
  • Use cloth napkins, and try to fold them into a fancy shape. If possible, you can also use napkin rings, which look beautiful on the table. Place the napkins next to the fork if there is enough space. If not, you can put it on the plate.
  • Place on the table a butter dish with its knife. In this way, your guests do not have to use their utensils for this purpose.
  • If you want something more fancy and elegant, you can place miniature salt and pepper shakers in front of each seat.
  • To elevate your breakfast table setting you can place flowers in the middle of the table or put an individual flower for each guest.
  • As breakfast is usually early in the morning, it will be a good opportunity to open the windows and enjoy the bright morning light.

Remember that it does not matter if you do not have a massive kitchen. You can create a beautiful and comfortable environment focusing on the details. Use real flowers to provide a good smell (Jasmine and Gardenia are good options).

As breakfast is usually early in the morning, it will be a good opportunity to open the windows and enjoy the bright morning light. Your guests will appreciate this!

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