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The Best Steak Knife Sets in 2021

The Best Steak Knife Sets in 2021

Are you planning to get a new set of steak knives? If yes, congratulations then! Nothing says more that you achieved adulthood than wanting to buy this kind of item. Let’s say that they are not essential, but it provides a good feeling to have them, not to say that they look good at any kitchen table.

So, what are you waiting for? In this article we want to show you our best steak knife sets, so let’s continue reading and find out the perfect set for you:

What is a Steak Knife?

A steak knife is no more than a sharp knife that we use for cutting steak. It means that it has to have a sharp blade, capable of cutting our food without any problem. And that is exactly what makes a knife a steak knife: its blade. It has to be made of the correct material, to be strong and ultra-sharp. That material is commonly stainless steel.

If you like to eat steak regularly, you need to buy a set of these knives and stop using any other knife that does not do the job!

Best Steak Knife Sets

Here on Artydome, we care about providing you with the best, and this time we want to describe to you all our steak knife sets. These sets will help you to decorate your table for any occasion, and also work as an excellent gift (we are sure any household will appreciate it).

So, let’s read on and learn more about our steak knives:

Andica Steak Knife Set

This set combines elegance and efficiency. It has a sophisticated look, and it will also fit perfectly in a classic or youthful decoration. The design consists of a single piece, with very soft edges. It measures 25 cm or 9.8”. Either if you cook steak regularly or just a few times a year, this set will always bring some shine to your table.

You can get a set of 6 pieces or 12 pieces, depending on how many people you need to serve during your meal. Its primary material is stainless steel, which is well known for being a long-lasting material. This set is dishwasher safe, which means you can easily clean it after use.

However, we recommend you to wash these pieces by hand before first use and then dry them carefully using a soft cloth. It is because in that way you will make sure the blade is sharp for much longer. It will also help maintain its shiny finish.

    Casanova Steak Knife Set

    This set has clean lines, ergonomic handles, and a classic design. Get this set of 6 pieces, 8 pieces, or 10 pieces at an excellent price and enjoy the meal with your guests. It also works perfectly as a gift.

    The primary material of the knives is 304 stainless steel; however, the handle is made of ABS plastic, which makes it a very long-lasting utensil. It features 22.5 cm or 8.85" x 1.8 cm or 0.7".

    The knives are dishwasher safe, and we recommend you to wash them first by hand and dry them with a soft cloth. Then they will be ready to use.

    The Casanova Steak Knife Set has black handles with a mirrored finish.

    Toro Steak Knife Set

    Classic and affordable. This set can be defined as a mixture between the traditional and modern. It is traditional because the knives have wooden handles, made of Rosewood, which always provides a classic look perfect for outdoor meals.

    On the other hand, it is modern because the blade and details are made of stainless steel, which is a material well known for being shiny and elegant. The design of this set is very similar to the Casanova Steak Knife Set; however, the dimensions vary a little.

    It is 23 cm or 9.05" long x 1.7 cm or 0.67". You can buy a set of 6 pieces or 12 pieces.

    Remember to wash the set by hand before use, and then after use, you can clean it easily using the dishwasher.

    Ikanuto Steak Knife Set

    If you prefer something more traditional, this set is perfect for you. The knives have a wooden handle, which is thick enough to provide a good grip. The handle has a stainless steel edge. Now, talking about the blade, it has an interesting look.

    The blade is made of stainless steel. The interesting thing is that it is not smooth, but has some irregularities on the surface. These details provide it with a more rustic look, which goes perfectly for an outdoor meal.

    The dimension of the knife is 22.5 cm or 8.85”. As we said before, the primary material is 420 stainless steel, and the blade material is Rosewood.

    You can get a set of 6 pieces or 10 pieces, depending on your needs.

    This set can be cleaned in the dishwasher; however, we want to recommend again that you wash it by hand. As a result, you will have beautiful knives and will preserve better the wooden handles.

    Now that we described all the steak knife sets that we have to offer, let’s mention our favorite ones.

    To finish, we want to mention some tips that you need to take into account when buying steak knives. First, something that makes a knife a good steak knife is the blade. It has to be sharp enough to cut with ease.

    Second, if possible choose a knife with a full tang, it is recommended for easy handling when cutting.

    Finally, the material. Good quality stainless steel is needed to have blades that cut longer.

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