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The Best Serving Dishes in 2021

The Best Serving Dishes in 2021

Some of the most common occasions when we are hosts include several people. Either with family, friends or even with people from work, we think about every detail to provide the best image possible.

Serving dishes are one of the fundamental aspects of a good impression, it is because they will be at the center of the table. Several different serving dishes can be used on a dining table, such as bowls, trays, or platters with dividers for appetizers. You possibly want to impress your friends and family so they want to eat at your house again.

Keep reading and learn more about all the different types of dishes to serve depending on the food and even the other functions that these fantastic elements can fulfill.


Best Serving Dishes

Types of Serving Dishes

Bowls and Baskets

These can be two of the most useful pieces to have in your kitchen. They are used for an infinity of purposes, such as store fruits and serve salads. Besides doing that job, bowls and baskets provide an extra decoration to your dining table; it could be the perfect centerpiece!

There are different types, materials, designs, and styles depending on the purpose. Let’s start with bowls. If you are hosting a casual meal with friends or family, a salad is something fresh and delicious that everybody likes.

Salads always look good in glass; however, if your meal is outside, melamine or wood are better materials. On the other hand, if you are holding a special event and you need to show off with the table, choose porcelain instead. Porcelain will provide an elegant look and it is a resistant material.

Another thing you need to consider to buy the best bowl to serve salad is the size. Think first how many people will attend your event and try to choose a bowl that is large enough so everybody can serve the desired portion on his or her plate. To give you an idea, a 12-inch bowl could serve a family of four.

On Artydome we offer some bowls that could be perfect for you.

  • Elias Bowl: Made of high-quality ceramic and with a glossy-glaze finish, this bowl will liven up your table with its shiny natural blue color. You can find it in three different sizes, being the large one excellent to serve salads.
  • Marble Bowl: This bowl will dĂ©cor any dining table with elegance. It is made of ceramic and has a marble look with a glossy finish. We recommend that you choose the 8.5-inch bowl to serve your salads or other food you consider suitable to serve there.
  • Chieko Bowl: Modern, sophisticated, and versatile are some words that define this bowl. Made of ceramic with a matte finish, will combine with any decoration. We recommend using the largest bowl (29.6cm) to serve food.

Now, let’s talk about the baskets.

Baskets can be used to serve slices of bread for breakfast or to store your favorite fruits and have them always on the dining table. They usually add a fresh and warm look to any space. Depending on the use, there are different styles and shapes:

For fruits, a basket with a traditional bowl-shaped design will give a minimalist look to the table. If you want to have it all the time there, better if it does not saturate the space. Others with pedestal look classic and traditional. This can be found in porcelain or glass.

If you want to store and show many fruits, and think that two baskets are too much, choose better a tiered one. A layered design will provide space for more fruits without taking up much space on the table or countertop.

When choosing the material you need to think about three aspects: aesthetics, ventilation, and fragility. Some fruits need more ventilation than others do, in this case, we suggest you choose a wire mesh basket. If it is not the case, bamboo and metal baskets are durable, glass, crystal, and porcelain are fragile but beautiful.

Just make sure to choose a basket that covers your needs, according to the types and amount of fruits you usually consume.

Serving Platters and Trays

Platters and trays are those items that should not be missing in the kitchen. They are so useful when it comes to serving food that would not fit too well in bowls. Besides, you can put a plate on and use the tray to carry the food to the table. These elements encourage people to serve themselves what they want.

Round trays are traditional and square ones are more modern. About the materials, many different options can be found to please different styles and uses. From the beautiful ceramic and porcelain to resistant and elegant metal and wood.

Choosing a good quality material will provide you with a platter or tray that will be long lasting. If it has a lacquer finish, much better. That means it will be easy to clean.

It is also important to choose a design that decorates the dining table as a complement. Remember that dishes, in general, are a canvas and the food you put on it is the painting, so we suggest you choose neutral colors such as white, ivory, or black.

Let’s see some details about trays from Artydome:

  • Raaisha Serving Tray: Made of wood and available in four different sizes, these round trays are excellent to serve food and decorate the table.
  • Hakon Serving Tray: This is a rectangular tray made of ceramic with a white matte finish. It has an elegant and luxurious look that will amaze your guests.
  • Raavi Serving Tray: It is a tray made of porcelain, with a black glossy glaze finish. It has the shape of a feather with gold details, which makes it a very special item to have on your dining table.
  • Einar Serving Tray: This tray with a shiny appearance is made of stainless steel. It is an elongated oval shape, with enough size to place the food that you will serve on the table.

Appetizer Plates

Many serving trays work well for serving snacks. However, modern kitchens have evolved and now include more pieces. An appetizer plate will make an excellent job serving snacks such as slices of bread and chips.

If you are hosting a party or a meal, serve tasty starters like cheese, fruits, and crackers to accompany cocktails will improve the experience of your guests.

Some appetizer plates are just round and with colorful patterns. However, you can find plates with divisions that allow you to serve more than one type of snack, so that your guests can serve themselves what they want.

Some include a small bowl that fits in the center of the plate, where you can place your favorite dip.

Cheese Boards

Who does not love a good piece of cheese? There are so many types that it is almost impossible not to find one that you like. There is cheese for everyone! A snack that is easy to prepare and to share with family and friends, either at parties or on holidays.

The best and most popular material is bamboo, and in the market, you can find some quite exotic table designs, with different levels to serve the cheeses. Some even come with a knife set that you can use to cut the pieces.

Always check if your table is dishwasher safe before washing it. If not, use a wet cleaning cloth after use.

Cake Stands

If what you want and need is to make your cake stand out, you need a cake stand. It will make your cake look taller and will be the center of attention on the table.

When choosing the indicated stand, you need to consider the size. The surface can be the same size as the bottom of the cake, but never smaller. This is because a stand should also provide stability.

Try to choose a color that matches different occasions, like white, ivory, or metallic colors. The stands can be used more than once, you just need to clean them, and will be ready for the next use.

You can get two or three pieces, of different heights, suitable for different events. In case of having more than one cake on the table, the biggest one should be in the center on a taller stand.

Just be careful to check the weight that it holds, if the cake is too heavy, it can tilt and fall.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a serving dish?

To serve dishes and snacks in the center of the table, so each guest can serve what they want.

What kind of serving dishes can be found on Artydome?

Here you can find bowls and trays, made of high-quality materials and elegant designs.

Serving guests is an art, and although food is usually the center of attention, we cannot forget how important table presentation and decoration is. Serving dishes are fashionable and functional, which means that you will make a lasting impression.

Remember to choose the right materials and designs, so the dishes will look good doing the job.

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