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The Best Placemats For Round Tables in 2021

The Best Placemats For Round Tables in 2021

Good presentations and small details are fundamental aspects that have been lost over the years, focusing on the gastronomic world. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than a table set for lunchtime. In addition to the general rules for the placement of the elements, there is something else that we should not miss when setting the table.

We are referring to placemats, which are both aesthetically beautiful and very useful. For this article, we will mainly focus on round table placemats.

Keep reading and learn more about placemats, especially those used on round tables, the different shapes, and even different uses.

Best Placemats

General Facts About Placemats

When you are setting the table, there are many necessary elements to take into account. Some essential items that you need to enjoy later the dishes are the plates, knives, forks, spoons, and glasses. However, have you ever thought that placemats were also important?

Remember that minor accessories help to improve the decoration of a room, and, what is better than something that provides beauty and is useful at the same time? Placemats can be defined as a covering or pad that you put on the table, similar to a tablecloth but that covers each seat individually.


They have one main purpose: protect your dining table. Materials such as wood, crystal, marble, or plastic can be damaged if you expose them to high temperatures (like when you place a hot dish or pot on it). Other materials can be easily scratched by friction, or stained with the liquid of a spilled drink.

Another way to avoid these problems is by using a tablecloth; however, there are some issues with it. First, the tablecloths tend to look a bit dated, and second, they do not fit perfectly on some tables or kitchen islands. They are easy to use and clean, but better leave them for more formal occasions. For daily usage and casual events, the best thing you can do is to use placemats. Some placemats can be used on formal occasions, but you need to choose carefully the material and the design.

The great thing about placemats is that they are not only useful, but they provide both aesthetics and functionality. A good choice of a set of placemats can give it a touch of color and style that your room needs. You can play with the colors and textures to connect your placemats with the rest of the decoration, or if you have none, your placemats can be de center of the attention. Try to match them with the napkins and plates and create a beautiful decoration.

If you are entering adulthood and want to make a good impression, placemats also help you to create a more adult environment. This is because your guests will notice that you are paying attention to details, and they will appreciate this as well as the food you prepared for them. So become elegant and sophisticated using placemats on your table!

There are other uses that you can give to placemats, such as placing them on your countertop to place glasses or cups on them. You can use them to put on your laptop if you are working on the dining table, in this way you avoid scratching the table. And do not think that you are adding more cleaning work! Most of the placemats are made of materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Some are machine washable; others just need to be cleaned with a damp cloth.


There are placemats made of many different materials, such as wood, linen, silicone, leather, polyester, cotton, and much more. However, to protect better the table, we recommend you choose PVC. Using this, you can be sure that hot dishes will not leave a mark either on the table and the placemat.

Vinyl and PVC placemats provide a feature that others (like wooden ones) do not: they are easy to store. You just need to roll them, so they take less space in your kitchen, and then put them inside a drawer until the next use. Placemats made of cloth can be folded, so they are also a good option if you need to store them after use. However, it does not have to be a problem, you can also leave them on the table.


When it comes to cleaning, you should know that fabrics like linen are harder to clean, and synthetic materials like plastic are easier because you can just wipe them with a wet cloth. To get optimum results, use a little mild soap, it will not take more than 10 minutes and it will clean all the possible stains. If you prefer to put them on the washing machine, just make sure first that it is safe. You will not want to ruin your favorite placemats! The final decision will depend on the frequency you will be using them.

For everyday usage, and especially if you have children, some placemats come with a piece of rubber in the back. This will prevent it from slipping on the table, very useful if you have little kids who like to be a bit messy and throw things off the table.

Now you know that placemats are useful and decorative elements. However, what happens if our dining table is round? Will the regular rectangular placemats fit well? Are there other options available? Let’s find out the answer to these questions:

Placemats For Round Table

When creating new spaces and designs, whether in a home or at an event, it is essential to think about the good distribution of spaces. This is why round tables are popular, because they fit well in smaller spaces, such as corners, and also provide a different look to the room.

However, the round tables usually provide less space when setting the table. This sometimes makes difficult the task of organizing the dishware and flatware, and especially, the placemats. But do not think that it is impossible. For any table and occasion, there is an ideal placemat, according to the use, preference, lifestyle, and event.

Rectangular placemats do not seem to fit properly in a round table. Sometimes they are too big, and the real problem is that the straight edges tend to overlap each other or fall off the edges of the table. Do not think that it is forbidden to use rectangular placemats on a round table, but when you set a table with these, it is difficult to get a good result.

So, what kind of placemats can we put on our round table? The best ones are round or those with rounded corners. This way you avoid the problem of the corners been outside the edge of the table. Others that look much better on round tables are wedge placemats. These fit perfectly and are specifically designed for round tables. Something nice about them is that they are a little bit larger than round ones.

Round and wedge placemats are as popular as rectangular ones. So you will also find a variety of materials and designs, able to adapt to your needs. According to the size of your table, there are different standardized sizes to choose from. If your table is small, you will not want large placemats. You just need to take into account the size of the table and the number of seats.

Finally, when you are setting the table, remember to leave a small space between the placemats. Once that you have found the right placemat set for you, everything will become easier! You will avoid the edges hanging uncomfortably, and at the same time, your table will be beautifully decorated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to use placemats every day?

Placemats will help you to protect your table, so it is good to use at every meal.

Are all the types of materials machine washable?

No, you need to check that the product description specifies it. If not, just use a damp cloth to clean it.

Are rectangular placemats good for round tables?

They will not fit properly, so it is better to use round or wedge placemats.

Can I use them for other purposes than placing dishes on the table?

Yes, you can use them to décor other parts of your kitchen, such as the countertop.

Can I use placemats on formal occasions?

Some materials can look formal on the table, however, if you prefer to be traditional, better use a tablecloth.

Placemats will enhance the decorativeness of your dining table and your kitchen. So to welcome your diners properly do not forget to choose the best placemat for the type of table that you have. Rectangular or square tables match nicely with rectangular placemats and round tables with round placemats.

Always take into account the material and the style according to the event you are preparing. After that, set the table with all the necessary items, and everything will be ready to enjoy a delicious meal!

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