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The Best Placemats in 2021

The Best Placemats in 2021

When setting the table for a special meal, every single element on the table should show your good taste and attention to detail. The presentation of the dining table will catch your guests' attention, especially if it matches well with the celebration and the decoration of the place. One of the important elements is placemats. These items will be not only decorative pieces but also very useful to protect your precious furniture.

Here we will show you the importance of using placemats on the table and some things to consider when buying a set. Continue reading and also learn about the best placemats you can get:

Best Placemats

What Is A Placemat?

A placemat is simply a pad that is placed under each plate on the table to protect the surface from heat and stains due to the spillage of some food when eating. Besides, it provides a good look at the table, because of the stylish designs available.

Traditionally, tablecloths were used more commonly, which cover the entire surface of the table, however, they give a more formal touch to the table, and are not entirely suitable for use on kitchen islands or for daily use, so using a placemat is much more convenient. 

Why Is It Important To Use Placemats?

We know that it probably does not seem to be the most essential kitchen item. However, we will show you why placemats are more than a decorative, useful element.

Let’s start with the decorative aspect. First, a placemat will help you to make the table look more organized, clearly identifying the seats of your family or guests. Remember that presentation is the key. Placemats will be an important part of your table decoration, as they will stand out more than simply placing plates and cutlery directly on the table. 

By choosing the appropriate designs and colors, you can make your kitchen have that special touch of color it needs. Besides, since it is not the most expensive item you will have in your kitchen, you can get different sets. You can also get sets that match with the time of the year or event you are offering, be it at Christmas, Thanksgiving, a wedding, or a birthday. This way you can replace them and save them for the next time.

Now, let’s understand why it is so useful to have placemats for everyday usage. If we place hot dishes on the table, we run the risk that the table may be damaged if the material is sensitive to heat. You surely do not want marks on your new table. Well, a placemat is ideal for protecting delicate surfaces such as marble, wood, or plastic. This way we prevent the surface from staining if something is spilled, or scratched by the friction of plates and cutlery.

We talked about the use at lunchtime, however, you can also use them when you are working with your laptop on the table, and avoid scratching the furniture. 

While it is true that tablecloths have traditionally been used, which are useful when there is little space or when it is a formal event, there are placemats that are also a good choice. They come in different shapes and sizes that can be perfectly adapted to your table and space, which makes these very versatile items.

Whether you need one, a pair, or a complete set, you can usually get them individually, so that you only get those that you are going to need at your home or event. And do not worry about formality, as there are many styles, shapes, and materials available.

One of the best advantages of placemats is that most are easy to clean (you do not want to add more work to the kitchen!). By simply wiping them with a damp cloth and then a dry one, you will have them ready for the next meal. Some are even machine-washable! Which means much less work and greater versatility.

Once we understood the purpose of the placemats, and that we want a set for our kitchen, let’s see first what materials they are usually made of and their features.

Materials & Styles

When it is about choosing the best placemat according to the material, we can say that you have two options: a natural placemat or a synthetic placemat. Both have advantages and disadvantages that we will mention next, so in the end, you can choose the one that works best for you, your lifestyle and your pocket. 

The good side of natural placemats is that they are made from natural resources such as wood, cotton, and hemp. These kinds of placemats contain less or none chemicals (just the necessary for the dying process), which helps the planet and is sustainable. Besides, they add a warm look to the table. The disadvantage is that they usually are less durable if you do not take care of them properly. 

To give a comfortable and relaxing mood, you could choose wood or woven placemats. The wood ones are eco-friendly products that will give a unique look if you choose the design according to the aesthetics of your dining room. The placemats made of bamboo provide a high level of protection for the surface, and at the same time, they will look great at the table.

The woven ones usually come in different colors, textures, shapes, and styles, being the most common the boho style. Most of them are handmade work, which makes them a unique piece you can have at home in the dining room. They are very easy to clean; all you need to do is to use a wet sponge to remove the stains. 

On the other side, the placemats made of synthetic materials are usually cheaper. You can find them in a diverse range of colors, designs, and styles, so surely you will find one set that will look good in your kitchen. The synthetic materials commonly used to make placemats are PVC, nylon, vinyl, and polyester. These materials make them very durable and resistant. The downside is that they tend to be bad for your health. 

If you are looking for a resistant, reliable, and durable material, vinyl is one of the favorites. The vinyl placemats protect well the surfaces from the heat. They are easy to clean; you can even wash them in the sink, as they are waterproof. Other similar materials are PVC and polyester, which are resistant too, and come in an infinity of colors and shapes. The sky is the limit!

Finally, if you have kids at home, the best material you can choose for them is silicone. Children tend to make a mess when they eat or accidentally spill liquids (especially if they are very young). And of course, you will want to be able to clean it with ease! They come in different colors and shapes, so they are not only functional but also fun, which makes the process of eating more enjoyable for the child. 

When finally choosing a placemat, you just need to make sure that the material is of good quality, that it is easy to clean, and matches with your dining table. 

Both materials and styles are related, so it is necessary to consider these aspects when choosing placemats to décor and protect your dining table. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best placemats here on Artydome. 

Artydome Placemats

If you are interested in getting good placemats for your kitchen, here in Artydome we offer four different placemat sets ideal to protect your dining table and at the same time give it a great look. The sets come in four beautiful colors from which you can choose according to your decoration and style. The colors are light green, khaki, grey, and light orange.

The material is PVC with a laminated coating, and it is also waterproof and anti-oil, which means that it is very durable. The material makes them easy to clean; you just need a wet cloth to remove the crumbs and splatters. 

Choose any of these sets and start using them for every meal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of using placemats?

The purpose is to protect the surfaces from heat and at the same time, provide a great look to the dining table. 

What is the best material for placemats?

The synthetic materials are more durable, and the natural materials are environmentally friendly, so your choice will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. 

How to choose placemats?

You should focus on the material, size, and style, so these items match perfectly with the decoration and occasion.

Placemats are an element of double purpose; to decorate and serve as protection. Both as if you plan a fancy dinner, as for everyday life, placemats are essential in the dining table set. They will provide a more organized look, and with all the materials, colors, and styles available, you can convert these elements into an extension of your interior décor.

If you are hoping to leave an everlasting impression on your guests, make sure to improve the presentation of the table by using the best placemats.

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