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Bath Towels

Aliyeh Regal Towel

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Hafez Sovereign Towel

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Golnaz Sovereign Towel

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Faraz Sovereign Towel

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Aryasb Regal Towel

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Arman Regal Towel

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Ahura Royal Towel

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A Bath Towel - Your Daily Companion

What would life be like without a towel? Without this cuddly companion who gives us loyal service over and over again? Towels are fluffy, soft, have practical cord loops with which we can hang them in our bathroom and reliably dry our skin and hair.

They accompany us reliably through the day when we wash our hands several times, after the shower or the bath and also in the evening after sports.


Find Your Favorite Bath Towel At Artydome

What does your dream towel look like? Is it monochrome, also called plain - a classic that will never go out of style? Are striped or patterned towels one of your favorites? Or would you like to equip your bathroom with extraordinary terry towels that convince with exclusive designs and a luxury look?

At Artydome you will find towels that reflect traditional, luxurious, and colorful design in excellent qualities and high-quality materials. Select your favorite products and order them conveniently to your home.

The Types of Bath Towels

Have you ever noticed? You grab a towel and it feels fluffy, soft, and voluminous. You reach for the next towel and feel a solid, robust surface. The third towel, on the other hand, has a velvety structure that lies comfortably on the skin.

All three types of terry towels are of the highest quality but are made in different ways. It is good to know what types of towels there are and on what occasions they can be used.


Terry Towel (Terry Cloth)

Do you like it when your bath towel feels soft, cozy and voluminous? Then you should opt for a terry towel. This type of fabric is made of a special thread with large loops, which makes it extremely soft and particularly absorbent.

French Terry

Are you looking for a somewhat firmer structure? This type of towel is made with twisted terry towels. Two yarns are twisted together to produce a twisted terry towel. This gives this type of towel its robust surface. Incidentally, these towels are ideal for sauna and massage.

Terry Velour

Furthermore, there are the towels made of velour terry that are often taken to the beach or to the swimming pool. 

Similar to the terry towel, large loops play an important role in the production. However, for a velour towel, the woven loops on the surface are cut open by machine. This creates the very popular soft feeling.

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