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Top 7 Best Gold Flatware Sets in 2021

Top 7 Best Gold Flatware Sets in 2021

Gold flatware set is the ideal investment for your dining table. Both elegant and flashy a gold flatware made of stainless steel with a shiny gold plated finish will always impress your guests.

Most flatware set will includes a fork, soup spoon, knife and dessert spoon, although some flatware set will also includes a medium-sized spoon as well as a fruit fork.


How to choose your gold flatware set?

A proper silverware set needs to be durable as it could be a quite substantial investment for your home. A gold flatware is ideal to bring a touch of color to your table while keeping it classy and beautiful.

Choosing the best gold flatware will require you to look at these different factors.



While gold silverware is usually a typical gold, you can also find rose gold, shiny or mat gold flatware sets based on your tastes and the colors of your plates and kitchenware.



The material of choice for gold flatware sets is usually stainless steel 18/10 for longevity and for keeping your gold silverware shining at all time. On the other hand sub-standard stainless steel will usually let the gold looses its shine after  a few cleanings.


Electroplated Finish

When it comes to colorful kitchenware, electroplated finish is a must if you want to keep your flatware set keeps its color and shine.


Dishwasher Safe

 Another important factor if you have a dishwasher would be to make sure that your gold flatware set is dishwasher safe, it will be usually indicated in the product description. Otherwise the color of your set will fade away or your forks, spoons, knives may rust.



This might be the most important factor, as gold flatware set can become very pricey if it is plated with actual gold. You may always consider price before you buy gold flatware set.


Top 10 best gold flatware sets from Artydome

1. Milano Luxury Flatware Set 

The Milano luxury flatware set Gold is one of the best gold silverware set and the best seller in 2021.

Milano luxury Gold flatware set

This elegant flatware set has been prized by its elegant design. The flatware set is hand forged and built with top quality 18/10 stainless steel for optimal durability.

It also features and electroplated finish to maintain the shine of the gold on your cutlery. The set comes in 24 or 48 pieces (for 6 or 12 persons)

2. Firenze Luxury Flatware 36/72 Pieces set

The Firenze gold flatware set is a variant of the Milano set but it includes an extra fork and spoon (both medium size) to fit in a fine-dining setup with several dishes coming to the table.

Firenze Gold Flatware Set

This flatware set is also dishwasher safe and made of 18/10 stainless steel

3.  Greece Flatware Set

The Greece flatware set in gold color has received a design award for its minimalist and futuristic design in 2021. 

This gold set is made of 100% plated stainless steel and is also available in gold rose.

Greece gold silverware set

This gold flatware set was praised for its design and for the convenience of its cutlery shape.

4. Roma Rose gold Luxury Flatware Set

The Roma rose gold flatware boasts a classy rose gold shine and is flawless in term of quality and design.

Rose gold flatware set Roma

The Roma silverware set would be a spectacular addition to your household, and will be an ideal gift for all the rose gold lovers.

5. Venice Royal Flatware set

The Venice royal flatware set is renowned for its luxury and royal feeling. The shape of the cutlery is also very easy to handle and convenient. 

This avant-garde flatware set will bring a royal feeling to your dining table.

Venice luxury flatware set

This awesome set is made of nothing but the best stainless steel in the market and it boasts 3 different gold colors: shiny gold, mat gold and white gold to please all the tastes.

6. Golden hour Cheese set 

For all the cheese lover this gold cheese set includes a knife, shaver, fork and a spreader. 

The whole set is made of stainless steel and the shape will allow you to make cheese platters effortlessly while keeping a touch of elegance on the table.

Gold knife cheese set

7. Picassa Flatware set

This set is reinventing flatware shapes with a very modern design. This set will bring everything you need from a prestigious gold flatware set.

Gold modern flatware set

Now that you have discovered all the different factors to choose a gold flatware set you can have a look at all our flatware set on Artydome

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