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The Best Tea Cups in 2021

The Best Tea Cups in 2021

Drinking hot tea is something that most people enjoy, for different purposes and occasions. In the morning with breakfast, in the afternoon with the snack you share with your neighbors or friends, or in the middle of an important meeting at work. Even when you have a cold and want to have a hot tea. For all these situations, you need a cup of tea to drink and enjoy your hot tea.

Do you already have your cup for tea? If not, here we will help you to find the right one for you. First, we will talk about the differences between a mug and a cup, then tell you some tips to buy the perfect cup, and finally, show you the best cups for tea that we have to offer.

Read on and do not miss out on what you need to know to buy the perfect cup for tea!

What is the difference between a mug and a cup?

When you see a cup next to a mug, is it easy for you to identify each one? Let’s start talking about the physical differences.

First of all, a cup is usually smaller than a mug, and the reason for this is directly related to the use of each item. Mugs are used for slow sipping. For instance, you could use it to enjoy your coffee or tea in the morning, or at night with hot chocolate while watching a movie.

On the other hand, cups are for more formal occasions. You could use a cup while drinking tea in the middle of the afternoon with an important client. Imagine having a corporate or formal meeting and serving the tea in big and colorful mugs. Of course, they are nice to have your morning drink, but mugs are not used in formal situations.

Besides that, as we mentioned that mugs are used to drink slowly, they should be large to prevent the hot drinks from cooling too quickly. And this is also related to the shape.

A cup is usually narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. This allows the liquid near the edge on the surface to cool more quickly. On the other hand, a mug has straight walls, being of a cylindrical size, which allows the drink to stay hot longer.

Another difference could be the handle. It is difficult to imagine a cup without one. cups need a handle so that we do not burn our fingers when taking the cup. However, although most mugs have a handle, they do not need one. They are big enough to hold comfortably and in general, they have thick walls.

Last physical difference: cups typically come with a saucer, but mugs do not.
Now, some people would say that a mug is for coffee and a cup is for tea. However, that will depend on your preferences. If you only drink coffee, it will be just fine if you use a cup. The same with other drinks like chocolate. Do not think that it is wrong to drink coffee in a cup. Just remember to use the appropriate item on formal or informal occasions.

Regarding the material, it is common to find cups and saucers made of ceramic or porcelain because these materials look elegant and classic. On the other hand, mugs can be made of those materials, but also stainless steel or plastic as they can be used at home, at work, and on informal occasions.

The design is another important difference. Most mugs are colorful, with fun designs that cheer up our mornings. Companies usually give mugs with their logo to their employees or clients as a gift, so people tend to collect them. Teacups are more delicate and can be bought in a set.

What Should I Know Before Buying The Best Cup For Tea?

When you decide to buy a cup for tea, individually or in a set, you need to take into account some aspects.

If you have the opportunity of going to a store to buy the cup, make sure that it feels comfortable in your hand. There is nothing more annoying than a cup that has a too thin handle that cannot be held properly. If you cannot hold the cup, probably you will need to touch the sides and burn your fingers.

The material is always an important aspect. You can find cups made of different materials, from plastic and metal to glass and ceramic.

Plastic cups are not the best option if you want something elegant, sophisticated or durable, because it is not a sturdy material and stains easily.

Metals like stainless steel are most common for mugs, but if you like the durability and elegance of stainless steel cups, you will surely find the appropriate set of cups made of this material. The only downside is that you will not be able to use the microwave to reheat your drink.

Glass is another material that is classy, stylish, and durable. Much better if you can find a set of double-walled vacuum insulated cups because this system keeps the heat for longer.

Finally, everyone’s favorite. Cups made of ceramic are practical and sturdy. Ceramic cups include porcelain and stoneware, both coming in different designs and styles. They are microwave safe, as long as they do not have metallic decorations.

The shape and design that you choose are important. Tall cups are better to keep the drink hot for a longer time in the morning, and short cups are more elegant to enjoy your tea in a quiet afternoon. The important thing is to choose a design that matches your styles, your kitchen, and (why not) your tea!

Best Cups for Tea

Now let’s see the four best cups for tea that we have in our collection. Find out the perfect one for you!

Beau Teacup

The experience of drinking tea was never so elegant. The Beau Teacup is stylish and classic. The design resembles what royalty would use for their snacks. It is a set that includes a teacup and a saucer, both made of porcelain. The finish of the pieces is on-glazed which gives them a translucent look. The set is available in three beautiful colors, blue, pink, and gray. The handle and the base of the cup are gold, which gives a nice contrast to porcelain. The capacity is 300 ml, enough to drink your favorite tea in the morning.

Be careful because the set is not dishwasher safe, so clean it using a mild soap and enough water.

Pompeo Tea Cup

This is a complete tea set because it includes a teacup, a saucer, and a teaspoon. The cup and the saucer are made of porcelain, and the finish of these pieces is on-glazed. The design is modern; the cup is white and has delicate details in blue and gold. It holds 200 ml, so you can enjoy it during your afternoon teatime. It is not microwaved safe; however, the good thing about this set is that is safe to use with the dishwasher. It only needs to be hand-washed before the first use.

Mugado Mug

Do you want to find the best of both worlds? This set includes a porcelain mug (400ml) with a wooden lid or a porcelain cup (320 ml) with a wooden saucer. Get this complete set and you will have the perfect mug for coffee and the ideal cup to drink your tea. The available colors are black thunder and white thunder, and the finish of the pieces is matt with gold details. The pieces are dishwasher safe, so it will be easy to get them cleaned after use, to have the set ready for the next time.

Stainless Steel Cup

If you want something different from the porcelain or ceramic cups, you can get one of our stainless steel cups. Their primary material is 304 stainless steel and they have a brushed or polished finishing. Use it for hot or cold drinks and then clean it using the dishwasher. The capacity is 350 ml and it is available in different colors:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cup for tea?

It is a small container, usually used to drink hot beverages like tea, coffee, or chocolate. It has a handle and comes with a saucer.

What is the best material for a cup for tea?

The best materials are porcelain and ceramic. They are durable and easy to clean.

What do I need to consider when buying a cup for tea?

You need to choose a high-quality material, and take into account the design, shape, and size.

Find the perfect cup for tea is easy if you consider our tips and take a look at our collection of cups. Now you just have to choose the one you like the most and enjoy your daily tea!

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