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The Best Spoon Rests in 2021

The Best Spoon Rests in 2021

A well-equipped kitchen includes all kinds of accessories that make life much easier for us. That is why when we are cooking is important to have the necessary utensils always at hand and to keep the surfaces clean and organized.

One thing we cannot avoid while we are cooking is having dripping ladles or spoons, especially if we are preparing a soup or sauce. What you can avoid is spilling and staining your kitchen surfaces by using a spoon rest.

A spoon rest does not have to be that culinary item that you have forgotten in a drawer. You will find that it is useful and necessary to keep your kitchen clean, neat, and safe.

Continue reading and learn more about spoon rests, and what you need to consider to get the best spoon rest:

What Is A Spoon Rest?

Some utensils like spoons, knives, ladles pots, and pans are used for cooking. Other items like placemats, organizers, and caddies are used to help you make things easier in the kitchen. Spoon rests fall into the second category.

It is a kitchen utensil, similar to a small dish, which is used to place spoons, ladles, spatulas, or any other utensil used to cook sauces, soups, stews, or any other food that is saucy or liquid. It is usually placed on one side of the kitchen so that you have easy access to it while cooking. You can find many types, different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials; however, in general, they are a little deep so that the bowl retains the liquid or sauce that the spoon can spill.

Do you already have your spoon rest? If the answer is no, because you are not sure if you want or need one, you should continue reading.

Why Do I Need A Spoon Rest?

Let’s imagine this scenario. You are in the kitchen cooking for your family a delicious meal that includes a red tomato sauce. You are mixing all the ingredients in the pot with a spoon, and when you finish doing this, you put the spoon next to the stove on your white countertop.

What will happen next? Well, for sure, you will have a little sauce mess, and then you will need to clean it, hoping that the white surface has not stained. Even if the countertop is not white, the sauce will spread all over the place.

Some people think that if you let the spoon or ladle on the edge of the pan or pot, it will help you to maintain the surfaces clean. Well, that is a big mistake for several reasons.

First, if you leave the utensil there for too long, depending on the material it could get too hot, which means that you will burn the moment when you take it. Second, if the sauce is a bit runny, it may spill down the handle of the utensil. In the end, you will have a small burn and a utensil full of sauce.

So, if you still think that a spoon rest could be something you do not need or never bought for yourself, think it twice.

Keeping our kitchen and especially the countertop as clean as possible is necessary to prepare healthy and safe food.

Drops of sauces and food debris can stay in the grooves of our countertop, making the cleaning process difficult. If we do not clean properly and let the utensils be exposed to that surface, we may later contaminate our food, which we must avoid at all costs. When using a spoon rest, we keep the countertop as clean as possible, because after cooking you just need to clean the spoon rest.

It is also helpful to protect the surfaces from heat. Some materials may not withstand the high temperatures of a hot spoon or ladle fresh out of the pot.

If you are almost convinced, but you think it will be another thing to have on your countertop, you only need it while you cook. Once you are done, you can wash it and store it in a drawer for later use.

In addition to everything mentioned, it is a good opportunity to add more color to your kitchen or to use pieces with modern and different shapes (that you maybe not use on other things like dishes). And at the same time keep your surfaces splash-free.

Now that you want a spoon rest to use when cooking extra saucy food, let’s see what you need to know to buy the best one.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Spoon Rest

When we buy something new for our home, and in this case our kitchen, we usually look for something fashionable, durable, and that fits well with our home décor. Let’s see some tips you should follow to get that spoon rest that you need.


You can find spoon rests made of different materials, such as silicone, stainless steel, and wood. We recommend you to choose the material based on two aspects: the durability and the appearance, because depending on your style you could prefer one or another. Let’s see more details about the materials:


This material has been recently introduced to the market and currently competes with stainless steel. The reason for this is that silicone is high-heat resistant, flexible, stain-resistant, and friendly with non-stick pots and pans. A spoon rest made of silicone will not melt if you place a hot spoon on it. You can find utensils and kitchen tools of many different colors that will cheer up your countertop without scratching the surfaces.

The only thing you need to be careful about silicone utensils is to make sure that they are BPA-free. This chemical has been demonstrated to be bad for the health, so much better to keep it away from your food.

Stainless Steel

It the classic and preferred by the majority, being high-heat resistant, stain-resistant, and long-lasting (almost indestructible). You can find stainless steel spoon rests with a brushed or glazed finish that can match with your fridge, stove, and kitchen tools.

You need to make sure that the base is preferably made of silicone and heat resistant. In this way, you can take it if you need and the steel will not scratch the surfaces.


For sure, if you want a piece that is useful and decorative, you should look for ceramic spoon rests. Ceramic is known for being sturdy and traditional, which matches well with kitchens that have rustic designs. Besides, in the market, you can find many handmade designs that are a work of art worth seeing.


Match your wood spoon, drawers, and furniture with your new wood spoon rest. Wood always provides organic beauty to every place that is decorated with it. Do not let your countertop be the exception! You can choose one with a smooth lacquer finish for a fresh look.


Another aspect that you need to consider is the size of your spoon rest. Do you cook more than one thing at a time? In that case, you should think about getting more than one spoon rest. It is not recommended to use the same spoon rest to place different spoons or utensils at the same time, because there could be a risk of cross-contamination. Some spoon rests have space to place two or more utensils, so that type could be useful for you.

Do you usually cook with big ladles? Well, maybe the best for you are the oversized spoon rests.

The rest spoon should also be hollow enough to catch the liquid spilled from the spoon, without slipping off the edges.

The general recommendation is to choose a spoon that can hold all types of utensils, so you do not have to buy more than one.

Vertical or horizontal

We said before that a spoon rest is similar to a small plate. These are the most typically used: the horizontal spoon rests. However, you can also find vertical spoons rests, which look more like a cup or have a space to support the spoon. Vertical ones take up less counter space, so it could be a good option if you do not have more space available for new items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spoon rest?

It is a piece of kitchenware used to place spoons and ladles while cooking.

Why do I need a spoon rest?

It helps you to prevent cooking fluids like sauces spread all over the countertop.

What do I need to consider when buying a spoon rest?

You need to choose a high-quality material, and take into account the size, in case you use big spoons and ladles.

Now there should be no doubt, a spoon rest is a necessary utensil to have in your kitchen. Just remember to buy one of the proper sizes depending on your cooking space and according to the type of utensils that you use.

You can stay in style and save cleaning time by using the best spoon rest while cooking!

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