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The Best Silverware Organizers, Holders & Trays in 2021

The Best Silverware Organizers, Holders & Trays in 2021

As important as the food itself, are the utensils that we are going to use to taste it. Nowadays, silverware is an essential part of our table decoration, therefore, we must always give them the care and attention they deserve. These must be in line with the dishes we use, and according to the event we are celebrating so that our guests can perceive the harmony of the decoration and feel even more comfortable.

For all this to be achieved, it is necessary to correctly choose the material of the cutlery and other necessary utensils on the table. This time we will show you what are the advantages of using silver as a material, as well as tips to make it last much longer. Of course, this is closely linked to choosing the best organizers, holders, and trays for your silverware, since that special silverware deserves to be stored in the right place.

Keep reading and do not miss everything you need to know about your silverware and the possible ways to store it.

Best Silverware Organizers, Holders & Trays

Why choose silverware?

In the market, we can get flatware of all kinds of materials. Stainless steel, wood, plastic, synthetic, and silver. Choosing silverware will give your table a shine and elegance that is not compared to any other material, due to its grayish-white color. We can say that this material is the best for your cutlery since with proper care it can last and shine for a long time. Besides being visually striking, silver is a good material as it is a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial metal.

As this is a soft and malleable material, silver is usually mixed with some other metal that will give it resistance, however, that special shine in the silverware is always provided by silver.

Remember that apart from flatware (forks, spoons, knives), the term silverware is also used to refer to any other utensil used in the kitchen that is made of silver, so you may also be interested in obtaining plates, cups, glasses, and others kitchen tools made of this material.

Learn more about the differences between flatware and silverware

Why should I take care of my silverware differently?

Once we have got our favorite silverware set, it is time to learn how to take care of it. Silver, being a quality material, is quite expensive, so the best we can do is take care of our silverware to avoid having to buy another new set in a short time.

The ideal is to have utensils in the best of states. Since silver is a metal, if we expose it for a long time to water, air, humid or heat, it will eventually tend to rust. Of course, this can represent a risk to our health, since they are utensils that we use to eat every day. No one will want to eat from a rusty utensil!

Eventually, we will see some dark spots on our silverware. This is called tarnish and has several causes (which we will mention later). Tarnish is basically a lack shine, and of course, we do not want that on our shiny silverware.

Besides, keeping the utensils in good condition will make a good impression on the guests that we have at home. An organized and attractive image will say a lot about our food, which at the end of the day is what the guests will taste.

Cleaning after use

Cleaning your silverware is crucial once you have used it. You may think that the easiest solution is to use the dishwasher since it is quick and practical, however, it is not the best solution. When you use the dishwasher, some silverware may collide with each other, which can cause unwanted scratches. Also, the drying cycle of these appliances is detrimental to utensils made of silver.

If due to your lifestyle you do not have time to wash silverware by hand, you can use the dishwasher by skipping the drying cycle; however, keep in mind that you will have to polish your dishes more often than desired.

As mentioned above, it is best to wash your silverware by hand. This way you can make sure you are gentle with each of the pieces. Ideally, wash with a mild, bleach-free detergent, and then rinse with warm water. Avoid using metal sponges at all costs, as this will scratch the material.

Likewise, you should try not to wash your silver utensils along with others made of stainless steel. This is something that many overlook due to ignorance, but it is important to keep in mind. Contact between silver and stainless steel creates a chemical reaction that will damage the silver utensils.

Once you have cleaned your silverware, it is important to dry using a linen cloth. If you plan to store them for a long time, it is necessary to dry them well with a hairdryer at a distance of no less than 15 cm, to ensure that there is no trace of moisture. This step can only be done if the flatware is entirely made of silver, since if it has any detail of handle made of another material (especially plastic) it can be damaged by heat.

Cleaning your silverware after use is essential so that it maintains its shine for longer, without scratches or rust.

Store silverware properly

Once we have passed the step of properly cleaning our silverware, we must know what is the best way to store that silverware that we like so much, without it being damaged or quickly losing its shine.

We must remember that it is imperative to keep the silverware dry. Moisture is the main enemy of metals since it corrodes them and makes them lose their shine faster. Just as it can be dangerous for your health to use cutlery that has rusted parts.

As we want to avoid this, by all means, the ideal, apart from drying them well before storing them, is to store them in the right place.

Although silverware is considered a luxurious item, depending on your lifestyle, you may decide to use them on a daily basis. If this is the case, you should know that it would require a significant investment of time to care for the silver every day. Once washed and dried, you must store them correctly in an organizer, holder, or tray of your choice.

Preferably, the silverware should not be piled up and not constantly bump into each other, as silver scratches easily. That is why it will be much better if the organizer has enough compartments for the pieces.

If you plan to use your silverware only for special occasions, be it a Christmas dinner or some important event, you can wrap them in tissue paper after use, to completely protect them from dust. The organizer or tray you use to store them should have a flannel fabric interior, which will wick away moisture for longer and help reduce tarnishing.

Once you have a date for your event, take out your silverware days before, and check that it is in optimal condition. Storing your silverware correctly should be enough to keep its shine as it did last time, so you only have to wash it one more time and it is ready to use.

FAQ's: Silverware Organizers, Holders & Trays

Is silver a good material for cutlery?

Yes, it is an antibacterial metal and it will provide an elegant shine to your table.

Can I wash my silverware in the dishwasher?

It is not recommended. The best way to clean your silverware is to wash it by hand and then dry it with a linen cloth.

Can my silverware get scratched?

Yes, that is why we should avoid using metal sponges when washing them.

Do I need a silverware organizer?

Yes. No matter how often you use your silverware, you need to have an organizer, holder, or tray to store the utensils and keep them organized.

What are the best materials for a silverware organizer?

You can find them made of wood, plastic, and stainless steel. The important thing is that the inside is covered with flannel fabric.

Where should I place my silverware organizer?

It has to be away from moisture and heat.

Although stainless steel is the most preferred material for the flatware, we can assure you that using silverware will impress your guests. Silver is a highly valued material, with an almost white-gray color that gives off a shine like no other material.

Of course, storing your silverware correctly is one of the steps to follow so that its shine lasts longer, without scratches or dents. Using the appropriate organizer, holder or tray will not only make your silverware look better, but it will also provide organization in the kitchen, help you have everything you need on hand, and make the cleaning process easier.

Now, what are you waiting for? Find your ideal silverware and store it in the best organizers we can offer you.

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