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The Best Ladles in 2021

The Best Ladles in 2021

We know that many people find pleasure in cooking. Are you one of those? If the answer is yes, you need to have a full-equipped kitchen to meet all your goals. Whether you work in a restaurant or cook daily at home, some utensils are essential to make every task easier.

In this opportunity, we will talk about ladles, also known as soup spoons. They look like a big spoon; however, they are more than that. We will show you the benefits of using ladles in the kitchen, so at the end of this article, you will want to get the best ladle in the market.

Continue reading and find out all the information that you need about ladles, and where you can buy the best ladles:

How Can I Use A Ladle?

In the world of gastronomy, there are countless foods, from different cultures and for all tastes. One of the dishes that have numerous variants is soup. Generally, chefs divide soups into two categories, thick soup, and clear soup. Both versions have benefits that you should know.

For example, eating soup is an easy and inexpensive way of getting minerals. The most common ingredients are pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, rice, and sometimes, meat. These ingredients mixed in a broth will help you to keep hydrated and increase your immune system.

When we feel sick, have the flu or a sore throat, there is nothing like a good soup to help us feel a lot better.

 Another common dish similar to the soup is the stew. Making stews is an excellent way of putting your creativity in motion. This tasty food usually includes beef, carrots, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, and much more.

There are no rules when it comes to preparing the dishes that you like. Mixing all those ingredients and cooking them slowly in a pan will create a delicious meal full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that can boost your immune system.

Soups and stews have something in common. Can you guess what is it? They need to be served using a ladle or soupspoon. It is because those dishes include loads of liquids that are difficult to serve with other utensils like spoons. It would take us much time and work to use a spoon to serve a soup.

Ladles are also used in parties and meetings to serve punch. So we can say that they can be used to serve any kind of liquid from a pot to a plate, cup, or vase. with the least possible effort and in the cleanest way.


What is a Soup Ladle?

We already know that it is important to have a ladle if we like to cook soups and stews, however, how does it look like?

Let’s find the answer to these questions!

This utensil looks similar to a spoon; however, it has a large and deep bowl used to serve liquids and a long handle. Since many times we need to reach the bottom of stockpots, the handle of the ladle is usually long, around 25cm. It is not used to cook or eat, instead, it is usually used to serve food from the pot or pan to the plates.

As with other kitchen utensils, you can find ladles in a wide range of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. The idea is to choose the appropriate tool that will help you during your kitchen tasks. Choose something sturdy, durable, with an appropriate shape to pour without spilling the liquids.

Do you need help choosing the best ladle?

Continue reading and learn what aspects you need to consider before buying that ladle that you want and need.

How To Choose A Ladle?

Sometimes we make the mistake of assuming that any utensil that looks nice will work perfectly. The truth is that we need to find a balance between durability, effectiveness, and fashion.

Imagine that you pick a pretty ladle but in the end, it results in being too small, that you cannot reach the bottom of your stockpot without getting dirty. Or that the material is such a poor quality that the ladle does not last more than three uses. For sure, it will not do the job and you will waste your money.

Let’s start talking about the material of the ladle.

Ladles can be made of stainless steel, wood, plastic, nylon, and silicone. However, which one is the best material?

Well, we can tell you that stainless steel and silicone are on the top.
We all know that stainless steel is durable, rust-resistant, and good looking. However, did you know that it does not influence the flavor of the food? Other materials such as silver, copper, and zinc, will provide a metallic taste and smell. That is one of the reasons that this material is so popular in cookware and flatware.

Besides, no matter how hot is your food or pot, you can be sure that your ladle will never melt if it is made of high-quality stainless steel. The only drawback: it is not compatible with non-stick pans. Besides, you need to clean it carefully because food tends to stick to the surface. Overall, let’s say that yes, it is a long-lasting and sturdy material. Just keep it away from your best non-stick pan!

On the other hand, we have silicone. One thing that for sure will make you buy silicone utensils: the vibrant colors! Unlike stainless steel, which by nature provides a gray color, silicone utensils come in different colors from which you can choose. This material does not harbor bacteria, which is a good feature, however, you need to be sure that the silicone is BPA free.

Another point for silicone: it will not damage your non-stick pans or pots, and it will not melt either. Silicone can withstand heat up to 600°F and hot oil can reach up to 375°F.

What do we recommend? Well, if you are more traditional probably the stainless steel will work better for you. Despite being resistant it is a reliable material. Silicone is a fairly recent material on the market, so you should make sure of its quality before buying.

Another aspect to consider when buying a ladle in the bowl. The capacity is important because some bowls are bigger than others are. Just think about when and how you will use your ladle. The idea is that the bowl should be large enough to make the serving process comfortable.

If it is too small, you will have to dip many times to serve the quantity that you want. Some bowls have a pouring rip to avoid spilling the liquids while serving. Silicone ladles can have flexible edges, which might be useful to take food from the bottom edge of pots.

Finally, we cannot put aside the handle. It needs to be long enough to get to the bottom of your stockpot without problems. The best handles are round because they provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Flats handles of stainless steel ladles can be sharp.

Something extra you can look for is a handle with a hole or hook. Then you can hang it on the kitchen railing to save space, and maintain the kitchen organized.

Now that we know what to consider when it comes to buying ladles, let’s show you the best soup ladles and soupspoons that we offer in Artydome.

Verona Luxury Kitchen Set

This set consists of two pieces, a ladle and a turner made of stainless steel. They come in gold with a matt finish. Both utensils have a hole at the end of the round handle, to hang after use. The handle of the ladle measures around 34cm, so you can easily serve food from large spots.

Ilya Serving Spoon Ladle

This utensil is made of 304 stainless steel and has a gold mirrored finishing. The handle is flat and measures 19.3 cm. It is not dishwasher safe, so to keep it shiny for a long time, we recommend you wash it by hand after use.

Mads Serving Spoon & Cooking Utensil Set

This golden set includes seven pieces. Buy it and get a soupspoon, two spatulas, a colander, a rice scoop, a pasta claw, and a shelf to hang all the utensils. The soupspoon measures 32.5cm, which makes it perfect for large spots. The set is made of stainless steel and has a mirrored finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ladle?

It is a utensil used for serving soups, stews, and even punch.

What do I need to consider when buying a ladle?

You need to consider the material, the handle, and the size of the bowl.

Having the appropriate utensils in the kitchen not only help you perform the tasks better. It also makes you feel good when you see that everything can be done correctly using the right tool.

Soup ladles are one of those tools that you will be using frequently in the kitchen. Get your ladle today, individual or in a set, and start serving that tasty soup and stew that you prepared for your family and guests.

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