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The Best Gold Dinnerware Sets in 2021

The Best Gold Dinnerware Sets in 2021

When it looks so beautiful, everyone likes to come together at one table: gold tableware sets are not only practical, but also give the set table that certain something. They create a special atmosphere - whether at breakfast, dinner with friends, coffee or dinner.

Yet it should meet the requirements of the household. So, first of all, it consists of enough pieces for all the people. In addition, there are a few components that should be present as a base.

  • Small plates that can be used as breakfast plates or cake plates
  • Large plates, on which the main course is served
  • Soup plates, which can also be used as pasta plates or for salad and, depending on the size, also as cereal bowls
  • Coffee cups with saucers or mugs, so that you can also compose a coffee set from the components of the gold tableware.

You can expand such a dinnerware set at will, for example, with plates for pasta, special cereal bowls or bowls for salad. Tea lovers may complement the set with tea mugs, while coffee drinkers can add cups and mugs for any coffee specialty.

Best Gold Dinnerware Sets

Gaspard Golden Plate

Keep your kitchen looking classy with our new Gaspard Golden Plate Collection. These plates will add a little bit of luxury to any meal you create, and are perfect for serving just about anything—from eggs benedict or pancakes to soup or even ice cream!

If you're short on space in the cabinets below the sink, these dishes stack easily without taking up too much closet space. Who knows? Maybe they'll motivate you to serve more meals at home!

  • The collection contains 1 plate of each available size.
  • Primary Material: Ceramic
  • Diameter (cm): Small plate: 14cm, Regular plate: 20cm, Large plate: 23cm
  • Available colors: Gold
  • Finish: Glossy

Pearl Plate

Serve your dishes with elegance and style. The pearl plate will become your go-to for everyday use, whether you want to mix it up with the colors of food or set out a beautiful arrangement of nibbles on its gently curved surface.

This porcelain dish has the power to elevate any meal.

  • The collection contains both the regular size pearl plate & the large size pearl plate
  • Primary Material: Porcelain
  • Dimensions (cm)
    • Regular plate: 2cm Height, 22cm (8 inch) Width
    • Large plate: 2cm Height, 25.5cm (10 inch) Width
  • Available colors: White porcelain
  • Finish: Matte

Einar Dinner Plate

The Einar dinner plate is guaranteed to make the best food taste even better. It's available in small, regular, and large sizes- perfect for when you've got friends or family over for dinner!

The Einar diner dish is made with high quality porcelain that makes it resistant to breakage. The high rim design doesn't allow spills onto your table surfaces.

  • Number of Items Included: 1x Einar Dinner Plate
  • Primary Material: Porcelain
  • Diameter (cm)
    • Small plate: 18cm
    • Regular plate: 20cm
    • Large plate: 24.5cm
  • Available colors: White
  • Finish: Glossy

Leif Dinner Plate

Dinner is served with style when you use this Leif dinner plate. A must-have in every kitchen, this gold and shiny dish will make any meal feel extra special and elegant.

  • Number of Items Included: 1x Leif Dinner Plate
  • Primary Material: Gold-Plated High Quality PVC
  • Diameter (cm): Small plate: 33cm
  • Available colors: Gold
  • Finish: Glossy

What variants of gold dinnerware sets are there?

There are as many different gold dinnerware sets as there are occasions for which they can be used.

The breakfast set, as the name suggests, is used in the morning. Breakfast plates are part of it, as are bowls for cereal, coffee cups or optionally coffee mugs, which are often preferred in the morning.

With the gold coffee set or tea set you set the table when you invited others for coffee, tea and cake. In addition to cake plates, cups for tea or coffee and matching saucers, this gold dinnerware set also includes a milk jug, a sugar bowl and possibly even the matching teapot or coffee pot.

A classic dinner service is actually a plate set because it consists of dinner plates, soup plates and dessert plates. Dinner plates are shallow, and the main course is served on them. Soup plates are deep plates and are also suitable for salads, pasta and risotto. Dessert plates are flat, but much smaller than dinner plates. They can also be used as cake plates or breakfast plates.

Who would like to serve up something special on special days, will be happy about gold tableware sets, which are designed especially for special occasions.

What is the right material?

Gold tableware, which is put on the table every day, is usually made of ceramic. Ceramics, in turn, is the generic term for porcelain, earthenware and stoneware. Here are the common materials at a glance:

  • Porcelain ceramics: This fine material is also used to create very fine plates, cups and other components of a gold dinnerware set. A set made of porcelain is characterized by the fact that it is rather thin-walled, a little translucent and light.
  • Earthenware: This is always covered with a glaze, otherwise it would not be waterproof. After that, however, it is then very robust. stoneware gold dinnerware is usually thicker than a porcelain gold dinnerware set, which is why it is used more for everyday use and fits more into the country kitchen in terms of style.
  • Stoneware: It is often confused with earthenware, but has different characteristics. Unlike earthenware, stoneware is waterproof. Gold stoneware dishes are therefore also available without glaze. It can also store heat and keep food warm for longer.
  • Glass: This material can withstand a lot, so gold dinnerware sets made of glass are also very robust against scratches and boiling hot liquids. In plain language, this means that it can be used every day and can be put in the dishwasher without any problems.

What should you look for before buying gold dinnerware sets?

There are always good reasons to buy a new gold dinnerware set. The move to the first own apartment, two people move in together, the family grows larger, or the previous service is no longer complete.

Before you decide on a gold dinnerware set, you should know where and how it will be used. Our checklist will help you ask the right questions to arrive at the right decision:

What occasion is the gold dinnerware for - Will it be used every day, or will it be on the table for special occasions? This can influence the choice of decor.

How many people will it be for? - Will it stay in the family, or do you like to invite friends? Depending on that, the scale will vary.

What does it need to hold? - Are there children in the household? Will the gold dinnerware go in the dishwasher every day? And should it also be suitable for the microwave? Several factors play a role here: Is the gold dinnerware set robust and therefore microwave-safe? Is the gold dinnerware set easy to clean, i.e. is it dishwasher safe, and can it be used in the microwave?

Is the gold dinnerware set expandable, and can the individual parts be purchased? - This is important if you want to use the service for a long time. This is especially useful for more classical decorations. So you can start with a small dinner service, which can be gradually expanded with coffee sets, bowls, serving plates and other extras.

What design should the gold tableware have, or to which style of furnishing should it fit? - This determines the decor, but also the material. For example, porcelain usually looks more noble than stoneware.

How to combine home style & decor?

It's actually quite simple: look around your apartment and you'll know which gold dinnerware set suits you and your interior style and makes a good figure on your dining table. Yet the choice is often difficult, because the selection is so large.

  • Classic style: Clear shapes and noble materials play the main role here. This is also reflected in the gold tableware. It should be noble and discreet. Classic decorations such as delicate flowers, abstract shapes, fine lines come into question. Made of porcelain and in white, possibly with an embossed pattern.
  • Country style: In this style, stoneware gold tableware the right choice. Either plain plain, or with a decor of flowers and vines.
  • Scandinavian style: Light colors and natural materials dominate. Clear and reduced is the style. Gold tableware sets with different shades of color match this. Or even a service where the parts are irregularly shaped, which gives the whole gold dinnerware set an individual and handmade character.

Tip: With a gold dinnerware set you can either contrast or emphasize your interior style.

What is the best way to clean the gold tableware set?

Basically, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions. Usually, under the individual gold dinnerware parts such as coffee cup, plate & co, there is a note on how the service should be treated.

Either the gold dinnerware set is dishwasher-safe or must not be put in the dishwasher. If you don't want to take any risks, simply wash your gold dinnerware set by hand.

By the way, gold dinnerware is dishwasher safe if it has withstood a certain number of wash cycles (1000 and more) without damage.

If the gold dinnerware set is labeled dishwasher safe, which is mostly the case with gold dinnerware with decoration, it means that the decoration may lose its color or become brittle after a few washes. Cleaning with the dishwasher here is at its own discretion.

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