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The Best Flatware Organizers in 2021

The Best Flatware Organizers in 2021

Has it ever happened to you that you need any of your utensils and you cannot find them in your entire kitchen? Or that perhaps you are going to set the table for your family or guests and suddenly you have some missing cutlery? If so, you probably need a flatware organizer.

Beyond helping us keep our kitchen in order, the flatware organizers can be found in different designs that can be adapted to the style of your kitchen. They are ideal for taking advantage of the spaces in our drawers without having to throw the flatware there in a messy way.

Read on about the benefits of having a flatware organizer and everything you need to know before buying one:

What is a flatware organizer?

Let's start at the beginning, understanding what a flatware organizer is. We could describe it as a tray, usually rectangular or square, with dividers that allow you to organize flatware and utensils in the kitchen.

These organizers can be of different sizes, and with different amounts of compartments, and there are even some that are extendable so they can be adapted to the occasion and the space you have available. Ideally, place it in a drawer in the kitchen to which you have easy access since flatware are utensils that we use every day.

An organizer, as the name implies, will help you stay organized and avoid clutter in the kitchen while saving time searching for utensils. There are different materials (such as plastic, stainless steel, and bamboo) of which you can choose according to your style and what best suits your kitchen habits.

Why should I have a flatware organizer?

We have already shown you a little about this incredible tool. However, maybe you are asking yourself: Why do I need an organizer? Should my kitchen have one? Why?

Perhaps you might think that it is something that is not necessary for your kitchen, that you just need a drawer or somewhere in the kitchen to store them, this is not the best option. Many people do not know all the advantages of having a flatware organizer, a tool that will enhance your experience as a cook.

First, it will help you save time and energy preparing and even eating delicious dishes. Hasn´t it ever happened to you while you are cooking, you need a spoon, a knife, or any other cutlery and you do not know where you left it? Well, with a flatware organizer this problem is over, you will have all the flatware you need in one place and even better, organized!

It is important to say that these organizers are not only used for flatware, some can also work to store other kitchen tools, such as spatulas, tongs, kitchen knives, or any other that you prefer to have always on hand. You can even use several of these organizers in your home and not only for the kitchen. There are no limits to imagination.

It will give your kitchen a more elegant view and you can choose the style you prefer. If you are a person who appreciates details, you must have one of these organizers. Take into account your cabinet dimensions and give it a different touch according to your preferences.

Another advantage is that you will not have the different cutlery piled up between them, being able to suffer an injury with the sharp tools. With the organizer, you will have each flatware in its place and without worrying about touching any sharp flatware by accident looking for another.

One of the most important characteristics and at the same time advantage of the organizers is their durability. In addition to its visual impact, regardless of the material you choose or the style you prefer, if you have proper care of the organizer it can last a long, long time. You would only have to change it when you want to renew the style.

In short, flatware organizers will help you keep your kitchen spaces organized. It does not matter the budget you have, since most of them are quite affordable.

What do I need to know before buying a flatware organizer?

Now that we know why we need a flatware organizer, you want to buy one right away. However, hold on! We need to consider several things before purchasing a flatware organizer. Yes, you will likely come across many attractive designs, but this one should be functional too.

The size

The first thing you need to take into account is the size. How big do you need your organizer to be? Do you have space in the kitchen? What utensils will you keep in your organizer? We must answer these questions to buy the ideal organizer.

In the market, there are organizers with a different number of compartments. If you prefer something simple, there are some with only three or four compartments, which will reach you to store your day-to-day flatware. However, it is best if it has at least five spaces, so you have more freedom to store flatware (knives, forks, spoons, and teaspoons) and some extra utensils.

Now, if you are a little more ambitious, some organizers have an expandable section. This is perfect if you eventually need to store some extra utensils (such as spatulas or large knives), but later if you need to place your organizer in a smaller place, you can slide the extension and turn the organizer into a smaller one.

And speaking of space, it is important to visualize in which drawer of our kitchen we want to place the organizer. When you have made up your mind, measure the dimensions of the drawer and compare it to that organizer you like so much, to make sure it will fit perfectly there.

Just as when choosing the perfect flatware we had to consider the material, we must also do it when buying our organizer. The material you choose will depend mainly on the style of your kitchen and your lifestyle. Let's see why.

The material

Although the tray is intended to be inside a drawer, this does not mean it cannot match the kitchen. For example, if your flatware has a wooden handle, you can choose an organizer of similar material and color to match, or a different shade of brown to contrast.

The best wood to choose is bamboo, as it is water-resistant and can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. In addition to providing a warm and inviting look, bamboo wood is stain-resistant and highly durable.

There are also high-quality plastic organizers. You can find them in different colors if you want to contrast your kitchen, and the good thing about this material is that it does not harbor bacteria and does not react to humidity. Another material that you may prefer is stainless steel.

The organizers of this material are very durable and easy to clean and will fit perfectly with your stainless steel flatware. Some are made of mesh, which you may prefer if you are one of those who leave the flatware wet after washing since water will not accumulate in the slots.

Finally, you should know that most flatware organizers have a non-slip material on the base, which helps prevent the tray from moving in the drawer every time you open it. However, if it does not have it, these are also sold separately.

So do not wait anymore! Get your organizer and join the elite group improving your kitchen, giving it a new look.

Frequently Asked Questions: Flatware Organizer

Are the flatware organizers just for storing cutlery?

No, you can also use it to store other utensils, such as spatulas or tongs.

Do I need a flatware organizer?

A flatware organizer will help you to keep your kitchen clean and organized. if you want this you need a flatware organizer.

What are the best materials for a flatware organizer?

You can find them made of wood, plastic, and stainless steel. We recommend bamboo because is environmentally friendly.

Where should I place my organizer?

They are intended to fit inside a drawer, but you can also have them on your kitchen table.

What options do I have if I do not have enough space in my drawers?

There are small flatware organizers, with just three or four compartments. However, you could also use a flatware caddy and place it on the worktop in your kitchen.

Whether you have a new set of flatware or need to organize the set you already have at home, a flatware organizer will allow you to keep them organized and will help you save time in the kitchen, because you will have everything close at hand. Always remember that order and cleanliness in the kitchen are important, as the food you prepare there will be a reflection of this. We all know that there is nothing better than cooking in a neat and orderly place.

Just keep in mind the mentioned information (appropriate dimensions and suitable material) and choose the best flatware organizer for your kitchen.

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