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The Best Cup and Saucer Sets in 2021

The Best Cup and Saucer Sets in 2021

Drinking tea is one of those things that we do just for pleasure, although it is true that it has many benefits. Just for that reason, there is no better way of enjoying more something that you like than improving the whole experience. When talking about drinking tea, how can we do that?

It is very simple; just get the best cup and saucer set to drink your morning, afternoon, or evening tea. Besides, without a cup and saucer set your tableware would be incomplete.

Do not lose the opportunity of showing your best set when having guests at home. You just need to choose one set according to your style, and you will surely impress your guests.

Are you wondering, what are the best sets? We are going to show you the best sets of cups and saucers from our collection. But first, let’s know a little bit more about that drink that we will serve in our cups:

Drinking Tea: Overview

Drinking tea is a tradition as old as ancient China. For more than 5000 years, civilizations have been drinking tea and found different types and ways of taking it to obtain different benefits. Although there are different types of tea, such as herbal tea, black tea, white tea, and green tea, they all come in one way or another from plants. Whether they are herbs, spices, or fruits, everything that plants provide us with can be ingested in different ways, tea being a simple and tasty form.

Maybe you are asking yourself, what is the best moment of the day to drink tea? Let’s say that it depends on your needs. Drink tea after breakfast and lunch helps you to have better digestion, and also provides you with more energy to start the day. On the other hand, if you have problems sleeping, drinking caffeine-free coffee at night would help you to catch your dreams quickly.

Now, talking about the preparation, the best thing is to make the tea at home. The more natural, the better. This way you avoid unnecessary artificial colors and sweeteners.

Depending on the season, you could prefer to drink cold or hot tea. There will be no difference in the health benefits; however, hot tea may taste stronger than cold tea.

If you want to drink it hot or cold, that is up to you. The rest is just getting relax, improve your health and boost your immune system with tasty and sweet tea.

Choose the right tea for every occasion

We know that there are countless types of teas, however, when should we drink or try each of them? Just as tea provides us with health benefits, they also have properties that help on a little more specific occasions.

Let’s know more about the types of teas and their benefits:

Tea to drink after breakfast

Black teas are the best for drinking when you are starting your day. Some of them have a little caffeine that might help you to focus better during your morning tasks.

Tea to drink when feeling sick

If you are a little under the weather, drinking chamomile or mint tea will help you to relax and maybe get some sleep during the day.

Tea to drink when feeling stressed

When we drink tea, especially hot tea, it has an effect on our bodies that makes us relax. If you want to reduce your anxiety and slow down your usual routine for a moment, we recommend you drink herbal teas.

Tea to drink before sleeping

Drinking tea before sleeping is excellent to rest better and get that desired deep sleep, especially after a hectic day. The best ones for this task are herbal teas without caffeine.

Tea to drink and lose weight

During the process of doing exercise and eat healthy food, drink green tea and herbal teas (mint or chamomile, or ginger) might help you to lose weight.

This does not mean that you cannot drink your favorite tea whenever you want; however, we suggest you drink green or black tea daily. They are delicious and if you get used to drinking them after breakfast and lunch, you will notice that your energy levels will increase.

Now, to drink your favorite tea, during your meals, or in the middle of the afternoon, you will need a proper cup of tea. However, you should not only look for the cup of tea, because the saucer (a small plate) is also important. You know why? Let’s find out:

Why use a saucer when drinking tea?

Using a saucer with the teacup has a purpose that goes beyond just looking good together, which they do very well.

A saucer serves to support the cup because sometimes is easier to hold the saucer instead of the cup. Although we recommend you choose a cup with a comfortable handle, it could be annoying to have to hold it for too long. After sipping, you just need to place the cup on the saucer.

The saucer also protects surfaces, especially wood, cloth, and any other material prone to staining. Even your clothes will be safer from staining by having a saucer on hand. It does not only protect surfaces from stains as the drink can spill, but it also protects them from heat.

It is also useful to place the spoon used for stirring, especially if you like to stir your tea as you drink.

So if you want something that looks good, but is also useful to prevent stains and other misfortunes, it would be better to get a cup and a saucer set.

Best Cup And Saucer Sets

Now let’s see the four best cup and saucer sets that we have in our collection. Find out the perfect one for you!

Beau Teacup

The first set that we want to introduce you is the Beau Teacup. It includes a teacup and a saucer, both made of porcelain. The design will surely delight you. It is classic, stylish and elegant. The finish of the pieces is on-glazed which gives them a translucent look. You can choose between three colors; blue, pink, and gray.

The handle and the base of the cup are gold, which gives a nice contrast to porcelain. With the cup, you will be drinking 300 ml, enough to drink your favorite tea in the morning, afternoon, or night. Although it is not dishwasher safe, we are sure that you will love the texture and design.

Pompeo Tea Cup

Do you need a teaspoon that matches your teacup and saucer? Then this set is the right one for you. It includes these three pieces The cup and the saucer are made of porcelain, and the finish of these pieces is on-glazed.

The design consists of a white cup with modest and delicate details in blue and gold. It holds 200 ml, so you can enjoy it during your afternoon teatime. To wash it you can easily use the dishwasher. However, it is not microwaved-safe, so you need to heat your tea in a teapot first or you could use it to drink cold tea.

Mugado Mug

If you want something that looks a bit more country without neglecting elegance, the Mugado Mug is for you. This set includes a porcelain mug (400ml) with a wooden lid or a porcelain cup (320 ml) with a wooden saucer. We suggest you get the complete set, so you could have a mug for your morning coffee and a cup with a saucer for your afternoon or evening tea.

It is available in two colors that are black thunder and white thunder, and the finish of the pieces is matt with gold details. The pieces are dishwasher safe, so it will be easy to have the pieces clean. Improve your drinking experience using the complete set!

There you have three different and excellent options from which you can choose, and impress your guests while drinking a delicious tea!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tea good for health?

Yes, it is good to improve your immune system, relax and sleep better.

Is it important to buy a cup with a saucer?

Yes, because it helps you to prevent stains on the surfaces and in your clothes.

What do I need to consider when buying a cup and a saucer?

You need to choose a high-quality material, and take into account the design, shape, and size.

Maybe you are an expert when it comes to drinking tea, or you are one of those who want to start venturing into the world of tea. Even if you only drink coffee, for this you will need a cup and a saucer.

Buying these items in a set is much better than buying just the cup. First, because you will have two pieces that fit well together. Second, as you could notice, using a saucer has several advantages that you could miss if you only buy a cup.

Get the right cup and saucer set, enjoy your daily tea and give the best impression to your guests!

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