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The Best BBQ Knife Sets in 2021

The Best BBQ Knife Sets in 2021

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of the summer than with a good barbecue. Having the opportunity of meeting with friends and family, and do it for eating is something that everybody enjoys.

If you are the host, who is going to prepare all that delicious food, then you need to have the right tools. For a better understanding, we are going to detail all the necessary utensils that you need to have to prepare your food on the grill in the right way.

So spend a few minutes reading and at the end, you will know exactly what a good BBQ Knife Set should have:

What is a BBQ Knife Set?

If you are planning to have a barbecue with friends or family, you need to have the appropriate tools for the task. You need to be able to cut and chop bones and meat, cut vegetables, remove bones from meat and fish, among other things.

To do all these you need to have the appropriate kitchen tools. Do you know what tools you need? What is the right purpose for each knife?

Below we show you the tools that any good BBQ knife set should have:

Best BBQ Knife Sets

Chef’s Knife

One tool that cannot be missing in your kitchen is a chef’s knife. This knife features a length of 6 to 14 inches. It needs to be sharp and easy to use. It is versatile, which means that with it you can perform different tasks.

Some examples are, cutting meat and vegetables and slice herbs. So you can use it also for regular cooking, not only barbecue.

The weight of this knife is important. For simple tasks, you should choose something light. However, if you are planning to spend much time cutting then a heavier knife will work better for you.

The best materials, not only for a chef’s knife but also for any knife to have in your kitchen, are wood or rubber for the handle and stainless steel for the blade.

Cleaver Knife

This is a large knife, with a rectangular blade of 7 or 8 inches long. All the length is used for cutting, specifically used to chop meat and bones. The size of this knife makes it perfect for cutting massive chunks of meat.

It also has other uses. For example, you can horizontally use its entire blade to smash garlic.

As we said before, stainless steel is the best material for the blade, because it is rust-resistant, and for the handle, we recommend rubber.

Boning Knife

This knife has a long and thin blade, usually around 5 or 6 inches long. It has a sharp tip, so it is ideal to remove bones from meat. The right way of using this knife is cutting around the bones, but it is not used to cut bones.

As you can imagine, the blade needs to be sharp and flexible for a clean cut.

Buy a stainless steel one and make sure it is always sharp. However, be careful when using it to avoid cutting yourself!

Brisket Knife

The brisket knife is essential if your goal is to cut slices of meat. It is longer than other knives, with a blade of 14 to 16 inches long.

That length will make easier the job of slicing in a single pass. It has a rounded tip so that it is safer to use and avoid pricking.

Fillet Knife

This knife is specifically used for filleting. With it, you can easily obtain fish fillets. It has a thin blade of around 6 to 10 inches long. Alternatively, you can use a fillet knife to mince onions and to make delicate cuts.

Offset Spatula

This is not a knife; however, this tool can be very useful. When barbecuing it is common to cook ribs, fillets, and beef steaks. To remove them from the grill, you can use an offset spatula.

Just slice it under rib bones or any other piece of food that you are cooking and transfer those to a dish or board. You could do that with a knife, however, let’s leave them just for cutting and slicing!

Board Scraper

Another tool that is nice to have when doing a barbecue. It consists of a rigid rectangle made of metal or rubber with a wooden or plastic handle. It is used to lift and slice things.

With it, you will have your board ready for what is next, just by scraping the surface. Some people use a cleaver knife for this purpose; however, we recommend using the appropriate and right tool for each task.

Other non-essential but useful tools to have when doing a BBQ

  • Shears: Similar to scissors, but larger.
  • Sturdy tongs: They keep your hands far from the heat.
  • Metal skewers: Reusable and ideal to hold meat and vegetables for one person.
  • Cooling rack: Useful for barbecues and indoor cooking.

Follow these extra tips to buy the best BBQ Knife Set:

  • The blade should always be made of stainless steel. That way you will be sure it is hard, sharp, flexible, and resistant.
  • The handle needs to be firmly attached to the blade, easy to clean, and needs to handle high temperatures. Rubber and wood are the recommended materials.
  • Try to find a knife set that comes with a storage container, so you can have all your utensils in one place after cooking and cleaning them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my knives in the dishwasher?

Although the manufacturer can say that the knife is dishwasher safe, we recommend you wash them by hand.

Can I leave the knives on top of the grill?

No, it will be better to keep them away from the heat when you are not using them.

As you can see, many utensil tools are used when doing a barbecue. However, we need to say that you can buy a set that contains just the utensils that cover your needs.

Just remember to check that the knives are of good quality, and with proper cleaning after use, they will last for longer.

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